London Souvenir

I have experienced a lot of ‘Culture Shock’ in London. Also, tourist and sojourner always experience some degree of culture shock in different countries.The moment of culture shock would create good memories. Furthermore, these memories would be good stories of their travels. In other word, these are good souvenirs for themselves and their friends. My culture shocks will travel back to Japan with me and will become good memento of London.

I talked to Asian people as well as Non-Asian (including American, Greek etc…) about culture shock. I researched about London souvenir shop. They have substantial goods among those goods. I chose ‘Key Ring’ to represent my project. A key ring is very popular souvenir since we can find it souvenir shop around the world.

1. From key rings, I associated the idea of ‘Home’ with ‘Key’.
2. Key rings could be used as the reminder of good memories.